Who We Are

Sean McGoldrick - Born and bred in Brooklyn, NY, Sean has been in the real estate business for nearly a decade. After earning a B.A. from the University of Michigan, Sean spent several years as an analyst at Bear Stearns & Co. before moving to the music industry, becoming a controller in 1993, specializing in financial analysis and cash management.

Founding M&M RE Holdings in 2007 with Chris, Sean has handled all financial and cash management duties for the company. Sean currently manages client relations, contracts and funding matters for the company.


Christian Misutka - Chris was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area. After earning a B.A. in accounting from Pennsylvania State University, Chris moved to New York City to start his career on the business side of the music industry. He returned in 2005 to help run his family’s real estate holdings in Pittsburgh, earning his real estate license along the way.

Founding M&M RE Holdings in 2007 with Sean, Chris has handled all real estate purchases and valuations for the company. Chris currently manages borrower relations, cash disbursement, building inspections and property assessments.